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[QUOTE=Abbey32]Yes, my hair is stick straight and fine but lots of it. It's long too. I have used the hot rollers too and they only give me curl on the ends too. Big floppy ones with no curl near the roots. I do have a pretty good hairdresser. She does my highlights amazing but they fade after a month...that's my problem. No shampoo has helped yet.[/QUOTE]

If your hair is stick straight and need some layers on top.
Long Layers...Another suggestion try from the top layer of your hair/head roller two rollers 1) half way to the root of your head and one for the othe half of the ends? I hope I'm explaining this correctly..I'll try to explain it again if you don't understand what I'm trying to say. I had read this method with a picture showing in a fashion mag. years ago..It takes practice but you will get a lift at the root area. This can also be done with a curling iron by
curling your hair start halfway to the top of your head then finishing the bottom half of the section of hair to give you lift..There's also the old fashion way of pin curling which done at night sleep on it and you may have a head full of waves? Alot of work...As for your hilights. I don't know what you have but I have light brown hair with blond hilights (cap methond not foil) and I like the "John Frideda" Sheer blonde hair line..He cares everything from shampoos, cont. hairspray, etc....You can find the line at Walmart, and drug stores and it is not expensive..
Hope this helps.

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