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Hello you wonderful, fun and Beautiful Ladies!!

What fun is this?? I, too, look so forward to coming here every minute I can. Having a break like this from chronic pain is truly a blessing. This next week is gonna be real trying for me, but pain, or no pain, I'll be here with you great, lovable ladies. I'm so glad and thankful that we all got together!

Hmmm, let's see. Kayley, so glad you got your kits finally! Yippee! I know every once in a while, QVC seems to take a little longer than normal. In fact, on a few occasions I've called them and as I knew they would say, just be a little more patient. Ha! Me be patient when I'm expecting Dr. Denese's products, Pleeze! And I totally agree, we really need to let her know about this fan club of hers. I think a discount or commission is in order here! We need it with all the products we're buying from her! Not to mention a discount with QVC would be appropriate for us too! LOL!

Yep, Bobby, I'm running desperately low on my items. This coming week I'll have to order more. If I get the foundation/concealer kit, I'll only be able to get one other, so it will probably be the ??????. Shucks! I can't even decide right at the moment. I want it all darn it! You know those aggravating bills just get in the way of my fun sometimes. Really need to do something about that, but try as I may, dreaming them away, ain't working. They still show up month, after month, after month. Blah, blah. LOL!

Sunshine, yes those were the two kits I got first: the Discovery Kit and the Exfoliate, Rejuvenate and Illuminate ones. They are what got me hooked on her products right from the very beginning. The very first thing I noticed which I think Kayley has just found out, is that right off the bat they made my skin feel so soft and velvety which I never experienced before. I had such dry skin and splotches and age spots from so much sun damage. Then more wonderful things just kept happening - it was a miracle. And of course, when my husband said after one week of use that I looked like I had a face lift, Lordy that was my Holy Grail! Hee! I guess I should mention that he keeps complimenting my skin all the time. Not bad for 51, eh? I do love my hubbie!

Ok, what next? Oh, about a year ago I did order Wei East stuff even though I don't really care for HSN. Definitely not the quality of QVC. Kayley, I also had ordered some jewelry (another one of my vices - argh!) and was SO disappointed! Anyway, the Wei East products really weren't bad. For HSN they did surprise me somewhat. I think her products are commendable but I just didn't see results I wanted quickly or as dramatically as I have with Denese. They are quite moisturizing and the ingredients probably are great for sensitive skin but still not the results I was needing or looking for. Some of HSN's products can be so deceiving on TV. QVC always seems to tell it like it is. The jewelry I've ordered from them (which is quite a lot) has always exceeded my expectations. Anyway, I guess the Wei East products would be good for just moisturizing if that's all you needed and particularly, if you have sensitive skin where the acids and stuff could really cause some irritation. But Denese is my baby now!

Ok, now that ya'll have talked about Amazing Grace, I have to get some! Will it ever end? Gee, hope not!!! LOL. I think Kayley or someone mentioned about spraying the Baby Grace on before bed and that's what I love to do. It seems to help me sleep better when I have a calming and enjoyable fragrance around me. I like to spray products on my sheets, too. So that goes on my list too now! Holy cow my list is bigger than Texas now!! Geez, I've gotten to where if I don't have anything to look forward to in the mail or UPS from QVC, it gets down right depressing - LOL! Even my baby, Dusty, starts looking and listening for a truck - pretty bad, eh?

Next... Bobby, Google, yep, I use the Smashbox eyeliner. It makes it easier for me to put eyeliner on since my chronic pain effects the ability to use my right hand (what a Klutz!). At first, the straight brush was a bit stiff but it did soften up some but not a whole lot - I still wish it were a bit softer. I don't use alot of liner, but the brush itself is a great invention as far as application goes. I still have trouble (the klutz thing again!) with trying to put liner on my upper lashes (which is where I prefer it) but it makes it alot easier on my lower lashes. You just kinda "walk" the brush along your lash line instead of dragging a pencil across. Much less tugging on the delicate skin around the eyes. I've never been one to use the liquid eyeliner worth a darn - I end up getting it everywhere but where I want it - hee! Anyway, I do recommend it. Someone that has better use of their working hand would probably really rave about it. I still wish the brush were softer. Then again, I bought this quite a while ago so maybe they've improved upon the texture of the brush since then. The actual eyeliner itself lasts me a very long time which is great but, again, I don't use alot mostly because I don't get out a whole lot (pain thing again!).

One other thing I get at QVC which I think is a really good product is Nick Chavez's hair care products for fine, thin hair. And you guessed it, Linda has fine, thin hair - another downside of genetics. :bouncing: Hee! Hee! I've tried all the salon products and drugstore products and this has been the best for my hair. I know everyone's hair is different and responds differently to products, but I'm pretty happy with his. Between the "thickening products" and "volume" products my hair is in better shape than ever before. Have any of you beautiful ladies had any experience with Nick's products?

Oh yeah, I ordered the Mojave Magic self-tanning kit but it's on waitlist right now so don't know when or if I will get it. I heard such great testimonials on it that I gave in and hope to give it a try. I have a few other Mojave Magic makeup products which aren't bad. Will let you ladies know what the tanner's like when I get it. I learned my lesson, too late though, about staying out of the sun but I do seem to look better with a bit of a tan, especially since my pain tends to show up on my face alot. Hopefully this will be a good product too. Keep your fingers crossed!

Oh, by the way, Kayley, a decent chair does help alot at the puter. I found that out the hard way too. So really it is a good investment. And try not to sit too long at one time. I have to get up and down quite a bit during my puter sessions. In fact, I can't remember how many times I've gotten up and stretched since writing THIS War and Peace novel (sorry!). Hee!

Ooops, something else someone mentioned: Strivectin. Never tried it since it was so expensive for my wallet, and I've heard some derogatory things said about it. But, too, I've heard it works well for some people. I guess it depends on the individual. Anyway, sorry but I don't have any first-hand knowledge of it.

Pardon me but I have to make a note to self: Dear Self, you are in for a grueling week and to reward yourself for getting thru it (if I do - ha!), this is your list of what to purchase at QVC to celebrate your victory (boy, that's optimistic isn't it?): Dr. Denese's concealer and trial size foundation kit, Dr. Denese's Discovery or ERI kit, Dr. Denese's facial peel (that's pressing my luck but darn it, I'm so curious about it!), Amazing Grace and Baby Grace and I probably need more Nick Chavez stuff but I think that's gonna have to wait! OK, now that I've made my list, don't laugh ladies, I have to narrow it down to no more than two things - pitiful isn't it but it's those dang bills spoiling everything! Hee! Hee! Ho! Ho! Linda, I do believe the stress is finally getting to you! With me not able to work and still waiting for disability (guess I'll be dead before that happens - LOL!), I do have to use discretion. My hubbie gives me a paycheck every two weeks (God love him) and he always tries to include some mad money - boy am I mad :jester: - in a good way of course! So that's where QVC comes in. Plus I get to look forward to the mail! Yippee! Oh boy, we must take pleasure where we may, right? I guess I've told you ladies more than you ever wanted to know, but I just feel such a kinship to all of you. It's the highlight of my day to come here and joke and talk about all the things we seem to have in common. What an absolute joy!! :D

Okey, dokey, I guess I've rambled long enough. I know I've probably forgotten a few things. If I did, I'm sorry. I guess it's time for me to get up and try to move these ole creaky, cracklin, peanut brittle bones before I freeze in this position - Hee! You ladies do have fun this weekend and be careful. Can't wait to hear from you beautiful people again. Til next time, much, mucho love, Linda :D

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