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Hi Ladies!

Sorry I haven't been on in a few days - problems with the pain thing. Don't want to bore anyone with details but suffice it to say, things look like they are a 'changing. Don't know if it's for the best or not yet. Time will tell. OK, enough about that!

Welcome, Bara and Sunshine!! My, my I'm gone for a few days and the fan club gets even bigger. This is so great. I hope you two will come to love Dr. Denese's products as much as Bobby, Kayley and I have. I think it's so great that we all have so much in common. How cool is that?!! Bara, Sunshine, it's so good to have you join our little "party"!! Hee! Hee! We have a good time here! Yes, we are all fans of QVC too. Where else can you get quality products for a reasonable price? Sunshine, I'm a smoker too, :nono: so I know how frustrating those lip lines are. But Dr. Denese's products have helped to diminish their appearance so there is hope for us yet! (Yippee!)

Hey, Bobby, I can't believe you remember Kathy Levin - that is so cool! I agree she was a great host and I was so disappointed when she left QVC and went to HSN. What a loss! She had such an amazing personality and a wonderful sense of humor. She doesn't seem to be doing too good with HSN. What a crying shame.

Well, I think I've convinced myself to try the Denese kit that has the two trial sizes of her foundation and the concealer. Kayley has talked about how much she likes the concealer so this way I'll get to try the foundation that I'm so curious about, and the concealer which I need for my family trait of dark circles (Boo!hoo!). I know Google said the foundation coverage wasn't that great and I prefer good coverage but I just have to try it for myself. It will be next week before I order it, though. And, of course, I will let everyone know what I think about it.

Ya'll were talking about Philosophy's Amazing Grace and Baby Grace. Those are two other products that I've been real curious about. What do they smell like? Are they more of a floral or spice or oriental scent? I tend to lean toward mostly florals. I wish I could get samples somewhere. Darn it! I know Sephora carries them, but we don't have a store here; otherwise I could go and sample them there. If I remember correctly, I think someone once said that they are very subtle in fragrance. Is that correct?

Anyway, glad to meet you, Bara and Sunshine! Welcome aboard! Google, where are you dear? Don't go too far, OK? Bobby and Kayley, keep up the work on being beautiful. It's so easy now with Dr. Denese's products! Geez, never thought I would be saying that - hee! Hee! They really are wonderful products and actually do what they say they will. And it doesn't take long to see a difference. That's what's been really cool about them to me! And I have my husband as a witness! Guess I better go and get some stuff done around the house today. Won't be much, though, cause of the pain thing :bouncing:
I'll talk with ya'll in a little bit. Much love, your "beautiful" buddy, Linda :D

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