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Re: Obagi???
Apr 4, 2004
I've been using it for a while prescribed by my ophthalmologist who has a sideline in cosmetic surgery - there is the complete system that costs $450 including cleanser, toner, scrub, exfoliating cream, 2 bottles of bleaching cream (just plain old hydroquinone just a higher concentration than OTC I think 4%), plus prescription strength retinol. Plus a moisturizer that I did not buy and a sunblock that I did buy and liked
I started the complicated usage system but quickly abandoned it because it took too long and was too strong (I had too much redness and peeling and skin dryness/tight feeling)
I prefer a more subtle improvement and maintenance rather than dramatic change anyway even if results take longer
also stopped using the cleanser, exfoliating lotion (called exfoderm), scrub, and toner as the only really effective things are the retinol and the bleaching cream (I've been using all the different cleansers and moisturizers and scrubs that I already have on a variable basis depending on my mood), plus of course sunblock but can also be anykind
It definitely has improved the texture and whiteness of my skin, but what I originally bought it for was moles and they have not gone away (apparently the pigment cells are very deep and not effected by the topical Obagi system). However I have gotten numerous compliments on my skin so continue to use it just once a day (original supposed to be am and pm)

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