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[QUOTE=Aditi]Thanks for the info. I forgot to mention that I have 50 year old skin. so it's thinning...and flakey AND oily. Would any of these procedures make anything worse?


Actually, it would probably help. Just read up on the glycolic peels - you want to start out slowly. Better to take 6-9 months to get results with a 30% peel than to attempt a 70% peel (at first anyway) and get a severe burn.
[QUOTE=google2007]I ordered the 30% glycolic peel other day. I just cant wait to get it. Does any one have any tips or suggestions for when I start using it? I have been using the new avon peel , which is just 10% glycolic acid. That dont even make my skin tingle, so I dont think it is doing much. All so ordered some sample sizes of emul oil and glycolic cream. Any one ever tried these? If so , what do you think of them?[/QUOTE]

You should start by doing a patch test - even though you've been using a 10% peel. You should cleanse a spot on your neck, dry, then put on some glycolic acid about the size of a quarter - leave it on for 1 minute - then rinse well. Wait 24 hrs. - if no reaction, you're okay to start.

Your acid should come with instructions - but basically, you do a peel once a week for 6 weeks, then nothing for 2 weeks, then peel for 6 weeks, and so on. You start by leaving the acid on for 1 minute the first week, 2 minutes the second week, 3 minutes the third week, and on up to six minutes for the sixth week. Then when you start your second set of peels, you can start out at 6 minutes, and each week add 1 minute up to a max of 10-12 minutes. Of course, this is assuming that you have no problems.

You have to be sure to wear a sunscreen while using glycolic acid, but you should be doing that daily anyway. :)

I apply Skin Biology's CP serum after a peel - it helps the skin regenerate. Then I apply a thin layer of emu oil. I use emu oil daily, but I dilute it with a little distilled water that has a touch of essential oil in it.

And remember - there doesn't have to be flaking for the peel to be working. The acid penetrates your skin, so the changes can be happening where you can't see them. The CP serum pretty much keeps me from flaking.

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