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Lissie, I like Aromaleigh, GeoGrafx, & Botany 101 - but I won't buy Botany 101 because it takes 6-8 weeks to receive, yet they charge you when you order. They are both less expensive than BE & both are made with matte mica & without bismuth. Samples are available from both Aromaleigh & GeoGrafx for a resonable price.

FYI - Sheer Cover also contains shiny mica & bismuth, just like BE. So if you don't like the look of BE, you probably won't like SC - but if you can get samples, you could always give it a try. I guess it all just depends on the look you like for yourself. I don't like that *pearlized* look that I got with BE - and I tried it with the Mineral Veil, too. Some people do like the look - I guess that's why they sell so much! LOL! It just made me look like my skin was extremely oily all the time & I didn't get good coverage with it. I also had a difficult time finding a good color match.
Interesting posts! Well, I'm the one person posting so far who uses the Sheer Cover brand of mineral makeup & I really like it. I have fair-medium skintone with a little bit of yellow undertones, so I use the Sheer Cover in Light, and always use the one jar that has the more "yellow-beige" color in it. I don't have freckles though, and very clear skin, so I really don't need a lot of coverage, except for my dark undereye circles. The Sheer Cover leaves my skin soft,and takes away the ruddiness around my nose and chin areas. I just wonder, if I like the Sheer Cover so much, maybe I should try the other brands Blue mentions...maybe I'd like them even better! I don't find the Sheer Cover brand to be "shiny" though. -Robin
Blue, I'm not sure what type of mica the Sheer Cover brand has in it...I will have to look & see. Sheer Cover just has a skincare line, concealer cream, brushes, and of course, the mineral makeup & mineral veil. However, they don't make (that I know of) blush or eyeshadow. Do the other brands of mineral makeup also make blusher & eyeshadow? Right now, I use a cream (in a tube...MAC) blusher that dries to a powder finish, and I love the stuff.

I will have to order samples of the AL and maybe GG brands of mineral foundation when I start to run out of the CC brand. Thanks for posting so much info. on this board! -Robin
Hi Ladies!

Sorry I couldn't get back on here earlier. Been really busy.

WOW! Let me tell you about great customer service! I placed my order with Aromaleigh on Fri., 4/9 and I RECEIVED it on Tues. 4/13 and that [B]included a weekend! [/B] I couldn't believe how fast my order came! No other company has been anywhere near that efficient! Needless to say, I'm impressed!

I've been playing with my products all day today and I think they're great. I'm so glad I purchased the Porcelain Mattifying Primer to use before the Pure Cover. It makes for a nice base for the foundation. Love it! Of course, the foundation is wonderful. I have the light warm (2W) and the match is fantastic. I also ordered several blush samples and I must say the "Nectarine" is so beautiful on my complexion. Also like the Rosewood too. And, oh boy, these eyeshadows (samples) are awesome! They go on like velvet and are so smooth. I wasn't really in the market for eyeshadow as I've been using Clinique and was happy with that. But the AL eyeshadows are beyond beautiful. The color is just right - not too sheer or too bright. Just perfect!

I can't help but compliment this company and their products. I've finally found a mineral makeup that works for me - at last! I'll be sticking with them for a very long time - like the rest of my life LOL! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm real happy with the items I ordered. They have my vote that's for sure! Take care, Linda :D

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