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If you have a general idea on your color you need, try the auction sites. I found I only used my BE color and sometimes the mineral veil which I got on the sites for cheap. Plus they usually have sample sizes for low prices. I know some people have said BE is shiny, etc. but I think you have to try it to find out. My skin is sensitive and combination. It does not make my skin shiny/oily etc. and covers great. With all mineral makeups it is a new method of application and you have to practice to get it right. I cover any blemishes etc first with a fingertip/small firm brush/qtip of BE then go over the whole face. I only use Mineral veil when going out. I dampen my hands and lightly go over my whole face. Best of luck
Blue-eyed Belle,

Ok, sorry, one more question. I found the samples on both websites. Do you use just the Pure Powder loose mineral face powder and that is it? It's under their foundations. I like a medium coverage. I have old freckles and some sun damage that I like to cover up completely. Also, which line do you like best? The AL or GF?

A kit isn't important to me. Just want great coverage. Thanks SO much! Sorry to be a pest. Thanks again.

Lissie :)
Hi Blue, Hi Sunshine! :wave:

I have to go out for a while today so just wanted to let you know I'll be back on later and Sun, I try to answer some of your questions then. Yep, mineral makeup IMO is the wave of the future. Blue seems to be the expert on this! It's a powder that you use as a foundation, instead of liquids or creams, etc. What I've found with the AL is that a little goes a long way. I purchased the Pure Cover which is for heavier coverage. So using that, boy it only takes a small amount. And you do buff it in, right Blue? The coverage to me is unbelievable! They also have a lighter coverage product called Pure Powder. Some ladies mix the Pure Cover and Pure Powder to get the best of both worlds. I haven't. I seem to like just the Pure Cover. Of course, I'm new to this so after time, I may try that way also.

Just like Blue said, after trying the BE (Bare Minerals line of mineral makeup) I thought mineral makeup just wasn't for me. I was ready to give up on it. Then the samples of AL arrived and as soon as I tried them, I was like "WOW" this is for me! The problems I had with BE were cakiness, my pores looked larger and I never got good coverage. If you use too much, it looks like a mask, on me anyway. Again, Blue thanks for directing me to this wonderful product. Sun, I think you and Bobbie may like these products too, but as usual, everyone is different. At least with AL you can get samples! Not sure about BE.

Well. my Sis is here so gotten run. Will talk with you beautiful ladies later! Love, Linda :D
Hi Ladies!

Blue, one thing I forgot to ask you (as if you need more questions - ha!) is do you use any of the AL skin care line. Like the serums, cleansers, etc? If so, what do you think about them? I adore the skin care line I use now but after perusing AL's site, I noticed rave reviews about their skin care? Any insight would be appreciated!

Sun, I live in Florida too. The weather's been in the 80's with high humidity. I've worn the Pure Cover all day running around, and I did not once have to touch up my makeup (except my darn lipstick - ha!). Then again, my skin is a bit more on the dry side. I cannot emphazise what great coverage this product provides. I never want to go back to liquid or cream makeup again! I always had to touch up my makeup when using liquids or creams. They seemed to just melt off my face in hot weather. But with AL, that's not a problem anymore.

Lisette, I ordered all samples in the light shades, as I knew that would be my catagory. At first, I thought the linen was gonna be my shade. But there was something that bugged me about it. But then when I tried the light warm (2W) it was like voila! The perfect match. I remember reading where Bobbie Brown said most people look better in warm or beige tones. Not everybody though. I thought that was a hugh generalization on her part, but now I understand where she was coming from, in my case anyway. Her words stuck in my mind and when I put on the warm shade, I was amazed. All this time I thought I was a cool, but now know I'm definitely warm or that the warm shades work the best on me. I have alot of redness (mostly from spider veins) and the warm shade just seemed to neutralize that immediately. It was a great discovery in my book - ha!

Just try some samples of the different mineral makeup. It's great that we don't have to buy a full size product to see if it will work for us. Even the drugstore brands don't offer that! Good luck with whatever you decide! Linda :D

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