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[QUOTE=Sprokets]I use max factor color adapt, at first I wasnt believing it at all,
It doesnt make your face look all one collor like the others I have tried in the past. It only is a good cover up if you use a powder with it though,
Its also not to oily. x[/QUOTE]

I use that too and I hate it. It's waaaaaaaaaaay too sheer. I have blotchy skin that's pale so all the broken vessels and little red marks and blackheads show. The color adapt looks like my skintone anyway, but it matches my mother's too. The texture sucks. It's either too dry or too greasy if I put stuff underneath. It sits there for a minute before it sinks in. Over my blue under-eye circles, it makes them look worse somehow. I think it makes my skin look even paler and makes me more zombie-like. It also sticks to the fine hairs of the face, any blackheads that stick up a little, and these tiny little fine bumps on my face I have everywhere. I absolutely hate it and I'm only using it because I'm trying not to waste money on a new foundation that I hate again. Clinique superfit had much more coverage, but then again, it's a little too dark for my skintone. (I guess the saleslady thought I was too pale too). But I will say that my mother loves the max factor color adapt. I can't understand why though! But if your skin has an uneven texture and you're trying to cover up uneven tones, then don't get it. It just lets it show through.

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