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I've just started my "New Enhancement Blend Kit" of Greenbush, but it's too early to say anything about it. I do feel tenderness and my period was just a week ago, so it's not PMS. I take 6-7 pills a day, along with Bustea, 2 ml Enhancement Blend extract and I massage my breast with 1/2 ml extract. I know that there are many people who tried it and did not have any results, but sometimes you need to be "a believer" to make something work. Maybe the herbs also have some sort of placebo-effect on you so you will create hormones that increase your size, a bit simular to the breast-hypnose-approach. I don't know what it is, but I got a good feeling about this. Being a "believer" can waste your money sometimes, but it can also give you what you always wanted.

For instance, I used to have really sweaty hands (all day long, even when I was freezing with cold) and I was told by everyone that there was little to do about it, except a dangerous operation that would have many side-effects. Unable to hold anybody's hand or touch someone, I felt very unhappy about myself and I kept believing that there was something else I could do about it. I tried useless lotions and I wasted a lot of money on acupuncture, but even then I believed that something could work. Then I searched the internet I came across "Drionic" and I ordered it, even though it was quite expensive and nobody believed it would work. Well, I got dryer hands than all "normal" persons and I've never been so happy with myself! I've got no regrets for the money and time I spent on searching for a cure, because now I feel happy with myself.

Conclusion: If you really want someting, there is always something that works, but you need to be willing to make some sacrifices and you need to belief that it works.

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