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Re: New Need Advice
Apr 28, 2004
[QUOTE=LadyOfLight]I do use Biore cleansing clothes, and those foam cleansing pads. But other than that I don't use anythign else, and well, I am starting to tell it through my skin.

My question is, since I don't have a clue as to what my beauty regimen should be, could someone tell me the basics that I should have and do? I don't break out with zits much, tho have the black head problem. But, my face is often dry or chap like. Or oily and greasy, I have very uneven skin-tone, and blemishes. I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide, so anything containing that is OUT OF THE QUESTION, I am suffering from the effects of not reading the package right now, and have a rash on my face.[/QUOTE]

If you're happy with your cleanser, then it sounds like you at least need to add a BHA product to clear out those pores. Paula's Choice makes a couple of BHA products. I use Skin Biology's Exfol serum, which is 2% salicylic acid. I find salicyclic acid to be less harsh than benzoyl peroxide. I did look up the Biore cleansing cloths & if you're using the Blemish Fighting ones, they contain .5% salicylic acid.

It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to exfoliate manually (the BHA product does some exfoliation) at least once a week. I use Aromaleigh's microdermabrasion cream, but there are others available. This will help remove any flaky skin & also help even out the skintone & keep pores clear.

And then I would suggest a moisturizer like jojoba oil. It helps balance oil production, helps keep pores clear - yet moisturizes without causing breakouts. Some people do have breakouts with it (just like anythign else - it doesn't work for everyone), but for the most part it works well for a lot of people. And there are other biological oils that could be used, too - hazelnut, olive, camellia, emu, etc.

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