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Your foundation should be oil-free. That alone will help the problem, if not solve it. I've tried many of them too, and found I didn't care for most, but the brand that is one of the best out there is 'Revlon New Complexion Oil-Free'. This is probably one of the best foundations I've ever used (Revlon is the brand many dermatologists recommend also). You may want to try it and see if it helps. Also, how you apply it matters too. I never use my fingers as it goes on much too thick. I have always used a sponge as you can add a little more as you go and the sponge blends it perfectly. And because you wet the sponge first, it also will put a little more moisture on your face along with the make-up, which helps keep the oil off. And be sure you shake the bottle well before using. You'd be surprised how many girls don't do this. Powder is tricky, but I prefer pressed powder over all others. So what I do is:
I use the Revlon make-up, shake it well, dampen a Max-Factor sponge in hot water, then put the sponge over the opening of the bottle and tip it so not much is on the sponge (in other words, don't pour it on), then dab it over my face and blend. I do this once but you can do it two or three times if you want more coverage. I then use Cover-Girl translucent powder and pat it over my entire face. Then I take a couple drops of my moisturizer, rub it between my fingers, and dab it over my face to give it a more natural look (model's secret). This will help take away that powdery look, too. Now, this pretty much lasts me all day as I never have to touch up my make-up, but it's because I have a good foundation to start with. If your foundation is what's making your face so oily looking, honestly, no powder is going to look very nice on top of that, they'll all look cakey because the powder is simply reacting with the oil. You may want to try an oil-free one, whether it's Revlon or another one, and see if you like it. Because I think as long as you're using the foundation you're using, you're not going to find a powder that will do what you need it to do.

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