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[QUOTE=gavman]So when you say that you use a fine mister to apply the product you use, do you mean the type with a trigger type spray handle (I guess just your ordinary fine mist spray bottle) or the type that you have to pump air into to create the fine spray? I've seen a fine mist spray system for water at Wal-Mart for around $22. You have to pump air into it and the water runs through a long thin tube and out into a very fine mist. Would something like that work or is the tanning solution too thick?[/QUOTE]

I use a bottle like a non-aerosol hairspray bottle - a pump, not a trigger. Most trigger ones will spit instead of spray a fine mist. The solution is thin like water. I would be hesitant about the water system at Walmart because I wonder how easily you could control it.

[QUOTE=gavman]Do you recommend standing in a shower to do this? Also, once you have applied it, do you wipe it off or rub it in like the mystic tans in the salon? Is there any of that lovely self tanner smell?[/QUOTE]

Either the shower or the basement. You will have some *overspray*, especially at first, when you're just learning. I keep all of my stuff in the basement - I have a very large (3' wide X 5' tall) mirror so I can see if I got the back of my legs :) , an old navy blue sheet that I stand on, and a fan. I work with one small area at a time - for instance, my lower right leg - I spray all the way around it, a total of 6-8 times - then I use either my gloved hands or a large velour puff (like for makeup, but it's big) to blend it a little. I don't rub it in or off - I just try to smooth it out a little. It dries almost instantly. As far as odor - it varies from product to product & person to person - I don't notice a DHA odor at all with JMT - some people notice a faint odor - but it is much less than with the lotion STs. Some people have been adding just a bit of vanilla extract to the solution to *kill* the DHA smell. I don't find that necessary.

[QUOTE=gavman]Forgot to mention, also got some of the glycolic acid. Very reasonably priced. I've found that my normally not so sentitive skin can only tolerate 2 minutes. I've increased one minute each week, but 3 minutes left my skin very red and a little painful in some area's for several days. Two minutes seems to give very nice results. You are the expert!! I've gotten such great advice from you. Thank you so much. :)

I'm glad it's working for you. It's funny how every one is different - your skin is usually not sensitive, yet you can only leave the acid on for 2 minutes. My skin is usually terribly sensitive, yet I can leave it on for 12 minutes without any problem - I don't even get any flaking! :)
And you're welcome!!

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