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Hey thanks. Are the GeoGrafx & Botany 101 - Monave & Cory mineral make up too? Actually the eyeliner I was refering to was the powerdered one's with shimmer. I think. Although I was thinking about the pencil as well! Sorry I am just really picky with eyeliners I hate it when it smears or goes to the bottom of the eye end up with 2 black eyes at the end of the day!

Okay I hate to make you compare as in foundation which would you prefer AL or GeoGrafx, Botany 101, Monave & Cory? From other threads though I noticed AL's shadows are not a winner! Which I am not to concerned about but later in the future that could change.

Again thanks!
Yes, all 4 are mineral makeups.

Honestly, now that I can get the Botany 101 foundation in a week instead of 6-8 weeks, I would have to pick it as my favorite. Followed by AL & GG. I don't care for Cory. I actually have all 3 (Botany, AL, & GG) - and I alternate using them.

Everyone is different - and depending upon your skin type, some eyeshadows might not work. Personally, I like AL shadows - they're my favorite. There are a couple of GG one's that I like, too. I haven't tried Botany 101 shadows yet. And I don't care for Cory shadows. But you may have a different experience.

When you say *the powdered ones with the shimmer* - do you mean the frost shadows, the pure hues, or the drama liners? Because all can be used as eyeliners. Again, I think it depends upon the individual as to what works best. I find that I can't use powder as a liner because it tends to smear. It's not just AL shadows, but any of the ones I've tried. I've tried using eyeliner sealant over them & they still smear. So what works for me is using the pencil, then going over it with a powder to intensify the color. But a lot of people use the powders successfully either alone or with the sealant.

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