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Re: Silk therapy
May 25, 2004
Hi Beautiful Ladies!

WOW! Everybody is so busy lately. Having babies, getting proposed to again, etc! This is really some exciting stuff! Sunshine, great to hear from you dear!

Kayley, I want that ring!!!! I want it, I want it, I want it. Waaaaaaaa! OK, fifty+ year old gals can cry if that wanna, right? That ring is absolutely gorgeous! And for your hubbie (what a darling!) to propose to you again, that's is so cool! You two sound like such a fun couple! That's what my hubbie and I try to do - keep the humor going! Speaking of hubbies, mine's been referred to a physiatrist/pain management doc. He's having a CT scan done of another area cause they want to rule out a fracture or disc problem down farther. Ugh! This has been so stressful for us. But hey, we gotta keep laughing and I got a big laugh from your hubbie's proposal. Thank you for that! If your sister lives around Jacksonville, then we are neighbors! I live in Jacksonville too - a little subdivision in the south part of the city. What a small world we live in!

I really hope you like the AL eyeshadows! I think the colors are beautiful. Yes, I ordered the 2W (light warm) foundation shade but think I need to mix some 2L (linen) in there too. I've been wearing just the 2W and it's been fine, but to tweak it to perfection, I think I need some linen but that's gonna have to wait awhile. I have the blush in "Rosewood" which is a real pretty color. I also ordered a sample of the ColorWash in "Poppy" which is nice too. Oh, when you get the ColorWash, it's kinda hard to open, you have to slide it open instead of trying to twist the top off. I must have looked like an idiot trying to open mine! Hee! The other items I ordered were the primer Porcelaine powder (you use just a tiny bit of this stuff), the foundation in 2W, the finishing powder and a kabuki brush. I have several kabuki brushes and I like them better than the one I ordered from AL. Theirs sheds so bad and my other ones don't so if you already have a nice brush, don't buy another one. I do like the finishing powder. As best I can tell, it's actually the Pure Powder in a translucent shade, I think. The foundation I have is the Pure Cover because it's not as sheer as the pure powder. You may actually like the Pure Powder better if you don't need heavier coverage.

As far as my glycolic peel process, I really do like it. I haven't noticed much of a difference yet, though, because I've only done it twice and they say it takes at least of month or longer before you notice anything big. I have noticed that my face looks and feels smoother. There hasn't been a change yet in my age spots, though. Argh! Patience, patience Linda! Actually what I think may be happening is the peel is bringing all the yickiness (is that a word? Ha!) to the surface which is a good thing. Time will tell.

Boy, I went to order the Dr. D's Wrinkle Defense Day Cream with SPF and they don't have it anymore! Not good! I loved this stuff cause it was tinted and I didn't need to use concealer when I wore it under makeup.I hope they get it back in stock soon. Help! Kayley, the Vit C Radiance Cream that you like, is it tinted or white? Didn't you use something that was tinted from her line?

Sidnee, hope you found some awesome furniture! I LOVE shopping for furniture. Don't get to do it often, though darn it! Be sure and let us know what you found, OK?

Sunshine, glad I'm not the only one melting in this heat. Jacksonville has been hot, hot, hot this week. I wish you luck if you have to go on a job search. That can be so frustrating. I hope you'll find something you really enjoy! Yep, I was a bit scared of the peel thing. It "stings" (they call it "tingling") but it's not too bad. I did a patch test so I knew I wasn't sensitive to it, thank goodness. We'll see if my "spots" disappear - I sure hope they do!

Well, gotta go for now. Take care ladies and keep me posted! Linda :D

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