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You have to look at other things, too - not just makeup.

What type of cleanser are you using? Do you use a toner/astringent? Any other products? If you use too many products that are made to strip oil from your face or products that are too harsh - your face is stripped of oil - then the body responds by producing more oil, so you end up even oilier.

A gentle cleanser, a BHA product if you have problems with blackheads or breakouts, and a moisturizer like jojoba oil (which helps regulate the production of oil) will do wonders for decreasing oiliness.

After you've made those changes, then I agree with Hamer - mineral makeup is the best I've ever found to combat oiliness & give me a perfect finish that lasts all day. Of course, there are several from which to choose, so I suggest getting samples of several different brands & trying each of them for about a week to see how you like them.

Some companies use shiny mica & bismuth oxychloride - Sheer Cover, Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals, Jane Iredale, Jerome Alexander, Youngblood, Sheer Cover, Naturelle, & La Bella Donna all do - so they tend to have a *shiny*, *dewy*, or *reflective* look. This works for some people - personally, I don't like it.

I know Aromaleigh, Monave, Botany 101, Illuminaire, & GeoGrafx do NOT contain bismuth. They have a matte finish, which works much better for me. Of those listed, I prefer Botany, Aromaleigh, & Geografx.

Then you can also buy some oil-blotting sheets - I really like the Clean-n-Clear blue ones - they will remove oil without disturbing your makeup. But I've found that by changing my skincare routine & makeup, I rarely need a blotting sheet.

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