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My hair is lighter brown and I have blond highlights. I got them redone and some spots are brassy! It pisses me off so bad because last time they were like that and I went back to her and she lightened them up more and they looked fine. So, i told her that hey...remember lasttime...make sure they are blond. So, yeah, they are brassy! She even used a toner! What can I do? i hate to go back because i have to take the bus and it's such a pain. But I hate the color. Will it fade? if so, to what color? What should I do?????????????? I have a purple shampoo but that wont make them blonder will it? It is mostly brassy on the top if I part it down the middle...and on the sides it's blonder and not brassy! what did she do? i could scream because i go through this every single time. and i thought for sure she would have done it right considering that she had to fix it lasttime!
i use born blonde toner. i love it. you can get it @ sally's. brassy no more.
I called them and she sounded annoyed! She said to try my purple shampoo and see if it works and if not i could come back in and get a toner! she already toned it!!! I tried the purple shampoo and nothing. I just know she didn't leave it in long enough and it didn't get blond as i wanted, instead brassy and orangey. she wont be in til tuesday. do i have the right to ask to be seen tomorrow and have someone else fix it?! if not, i think i might stop payment on the check! It was $130!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds to me like she may not even know what she is talking about. If she tones it again, it will not help. she didn't lift your natural hair color out enough to make it the color you want. the purple shampoo is the same basic idea as the toner, and that will not help much either. i would ask to speak to the owner or manager of the shop, if she will not satisfy you. 130. is no cheap price to pay for highlights. they should fix it for free. good luck!

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