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I teach modeling and personal development for an international modeling agency. Also, I modeled professionally for years.

Here are some tips in nutrition, cleansing and makeup:


Eat a good, balanced diet. Stay away from sugar and processed foods. Preservatives in abundance can contribute to oily texture skin.
Too much fat, particularly saturated fat, is not good as well.
On the other hand, too little fat can be just as bad.
Stay off the sodas.
B vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids help a lot.

Most of all, drink lots and lots of water.


Be careful not to overcleanse.
You want to cleanse, but don't overdo it. Don't scrub and scrub.
I use Nutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask for cleansing
When removing your makeup, splash some water on your face before you remove the makeup. Remove the makeup with a cleanser or cold cream (I personally don't care for cold cream) and follow with your cleanser.
I use Neutrogena's Multi-Vitamin moisturizer in the morning under my makeup. At night I use Neutrogena's Clear Pore gel.
Wash morning and night.
I use a rosewater toner with witch hazel.
ALWAYS wash your face prior to applying makeup.
I personally use a mask about once a week. I use the Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask. I like the way it feels.
Most mornings I use a gentle scrub for sensitive skin.


Use water based products.
When your skin is clear, use concealer only where you need it. Pressed Powder is your friend! I used to use Corn Silk, but now I use Neutrogena. I just like the way it feels.
When applying make-up, especially base, less is more.
When applying wash your face AND hands prior to application. Dab on with a sponge or use your fingers to apply and a sponge to blend.
Dry your hair before you put on your makeup. The blowdrier can wreck your makeup.

These are general tips. I don't know how old you are. Age play a large part in your skin and how it behaves.
What are the "clumps" you mentioned? Do you have dry or scaly patches? Do you have combination skin and just really oily in the T-zone?
Your posting makes me wonder about your diet and cleansing routine. Perhaps you should look there first.
Feel free to contact me to further this. I would love to talk to you more.

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