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Could be the product you are using- you need to use a product for oily hair. Try shampooing then using a leave in spray conditioner on the ends only.
:wave: Hi, i dont think washing your hair everyday can damage it as long as your using the right product for the type of hair you have. i wash my hair everyday coz if i dont, i will get flakes and dandruff :o !!! and nope i certainly dont want that :eek: . however i only use shampoos that can be bought at the salon and use intensive mask once a week. so i agree with quincy about washing our hair according to how often is appropriate. but over all, shampooing is not supposed to damage the hair.

to the original poster, maybe you should try using shampoo and conditioner that is made for oily hair. if nothing else works then maybe you can consider seeing a dermatologist.

- :angel: Angel
If I didn't wash my hair everyday it would look like total CRAP. My hair is long and thick and gets very limp and nasty looking if not washed everyday. On occasion (weekends only) if I am working around my house, it goes in a pony tail and maybe I skip that day, but wash it the next morning.
I think as long as you use a good shampoo and conditioner, you will be just fine.

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