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Regardless of WHAT makes too much sun bad, the ozone layer, what man has done to his environment, etc. etc. etc.. does NOT lessen the fact that too much of it is STILL bad. You can "go on faith" all you like about doing what you want to your body, in order to justify that you like to be tan.

You just don't think you will have anything bad happen to your skin just because but your parents haven't? (SO FAR.) Your parents may look great now; check back with us in a few years, things just may have changed for the worse.

Then explain, why do so many people who've never had "bad" health problems in their family, have "bad"problems themselves? No one is immune to that, nor ever will be; just go check out the graveyards.

Sure, America eats horribly as a nation. Do you think that because you eat healthy and take care of yourself, you are invincible to the ravages of thousands of health problems?? You need to wake up here. It may lessen your chances, but you're certainly not immune to anything, even a little skin cancer. There are millions of health food nuts, excersize fanatics, holistic followers who will die of modern day diseases just like anyone else.

Just because people have done things thousands of years without harm, (seemingly) does not mean it will go on that way.

Yeah, it's a SHAME we have to slather ourselves with sunscreen or stay out of the sun in order not to get sun cancer, that does not change the fact. Doesn't matter the whys and wherefores. It doesn't matter at this point why, it just matters we take care of it, and do the best we can to protect ourselves.

Sure the sunscreen industry is making big bucks on their products, but what about the billion dollar cosmetics industries?? Are you telling me you don't use ANY kind of cosmetics to support them? It's been shown brushing and flossing your teeth keep teeth healthy, would you blame the tooth care industry for spreading propaganda, just to make money?

You say: "Man has made mistakes that many people have to unfairly pay for, yeah it's very unfair that people "have" to wear sunscreen these days, anyway about it, I choose not to." just admitted that people need to use sunscreen, you just choose not to!

You say: "I don't want to put chemicals on my body." Hmmm, again, does that mean you don't use ANY kind of cosmetics on your body? What about soap? Are you never able to bathe, then? Do you never shampoo your hair?? Do you never brush your teeth? Wear deodorant? Use perfume? How do you wash your clothes? Face it; you are immersed in chemicals everyday of your life. I don't think a little sunscreen is going to kill anyone if they choose to wear it.

You mention "strong immune systems" a time or two here.....ironically, I can point you to several studies showing that excess sun actually damages the human immune system, and, no, they weren't funded by the "sunscreen" industry.

Scientists believe sunburns can alter the distribution and function of disease-fighting white blood cells in humans for up to 24 hours after exposure to the sun. Repeated overexposure to UV radiation can cause more damage to the body's immune system. Mild sunburns can directly suppress the immune functions of human skin where the sunburn occurred, even in people with dark skin. Just type in into any search engine, and see what you come up with, it might just suprise you.

In your very first post you said "I already know how bad sunning and suntan beds are"... yet then you go on and on about why you don't think its bad for yourself. Sounds like you are contradicting yourself there.

Everyday, it's apparent you know that you put chemicals on your body. You're justifying not using sunscreen because you plain don't want to wear it; that's fine, noooo problem.

Bottom line.....some sunshine is vital to health and well being. Choosing to sit or lie in it in order to bake and tan your body is not. It took me about 45 years to figure that out. That's called "vanity" :rolleyes:


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