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Boy do I feel your pain! About two years ago, I tried to dye my (fake) blond hair back to my natural brown and my hair was so damaged from the blonde that it turned a really funky shade of red when the hair dresser dyed it. Then, when I went back to the salon to have the red taken out, they dyed it an ashy tone and my hair picked up all the green! It was such a disaster and soooo ugly.

Here's what I did to take matters into my own hands... it did hurt my hair a little, but the color looked better. I got a really dark brown hair dye... I think it was Superior Preference in Medium Brown... not golden brown or ash brown. The Medium brown has a nice balance of golds and ashes. After I dyed my hair, it still had quite a bit of red in it, so I used Head and Shoulders shampoo for two days and the red faded quite a bit. I guess Head and Shoulders is a really deep cleansing shampoo and will help the red fade quicker. It didn't look perfect, that took time, but it looked a heck of a lot better than maroon hair or green hair!

Make sure to condition you hair a ton though. If you can stand it, sleep with conditioner on your hair, that's what I did because dying your hair is sooo hard on it. If you can't do that, put on conditioner and blow dry your hair with it on. Then you can rinse it or leave it on over night. I haven't dyed it since because I had such a bad experience. When this is all over, I would totally suggest just using a wash out dye, like Natural Instincts or Casting Color. I use those when I want to brighten my hair and they don't change the base color so I have roots, it just adds some (natural) reddish tones and highlights.

Lastly, I know you said you can't afford to go to a salon, but if you check in the better salons in your aread, you can sometimes find training nights where the salons have new stylists dye or cut your hair under the supervision of head stylists for a much, much cheaper price. One time I got my hair dyed at an Aveda training night for only $20. It looked really good, too.

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