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[QUOTE=PiNk SoDa WaTeR]Hello. Has anyone ever heard of a foundation that WORKS? I've used some from Mary Kay, and also some from Olay, but nothing seems to work! Should I try the expensive stuff? Does it work better, or does it depend on the skin type? Mine is kind of a mixture. It's not dry, but it does get oily. Could it be getting oily because of the make-up?

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It does depend on the quality of stuff you are using. The cheaper kind doesn't seem to consider the skins undertones and often you can't try it before you buy it. Go to a department store where A sales clerk can figure you skin tones and what type of product will look for best based on your skin tones and wheather it is oily dry or combo. Plus she wll put many colors on your skin so you can find the right shade. Walk around all day and see how the makeup holds up on your skin. If after having it on for several hours while walking around the mall and you come backto the counter and the makeup is still holding up, it sounds like the make up for you. Plus have you friends come to the mall to see it to. They can be a good judge if it truly does look good or if the girl behind the counter is trying to just make a sale. Once you find a make up artist you trust, you can go back over and over. She can put you on her mailing lists and you will know what specials they are running plus which products they have on sale. I do this but I am not totally brand loyal. I like blush from Chanel, lip sticks/glosses from chanel, base from Boby Brown, mascara from Lancome, and powders from either Lancome or Bobby Brown too. Bobby Brown has the best powderbase packs.

You will find your favorites too. Even it you don't have enough money, start collecting items one by one and you can stock up when they have freebies. Once you start wearing the nicer products, you will not be able to go back to cover girl and maybelline. I find cheaper lip sticks have too much wax and not enough color pigment. I can spot someone whearing cheap lipstick from a mile a way. Looks cheap. Hooker comes to mind. Start with good concealer and a good base. In time, get the better powders, I like pressed powders, but loose are okay. Get a great lipstick and eventually find the best lip liner when you have a few extra bucks. Upgrade you glosses last. I always use a different gloss shade over my lipstick color to give it a only color in the world as two had to be combined to make this one look. Don't forget a great mascara. In my book, no one beat Lancome mascaras. Mary Kay has great mascaras and are quite a bit cheaper than lancome. If I find a sale on Mary Kay mascara, I will buy every tube I can and put some back for later.
[QUOTE=karigirl]im not sure that people with acne prone skin could use this oil on their face...what do u think?[/QUOTE]

Jojoba oil??? It is the BEST moisturizer for acne-prone skin! It actually helps clear out your pores. It is non-irritating, all natural and just amazing. It has improved my skin, in fact, in the past several months of using it. I recommend it to anyone. And oh yeah, I have very acne-prone skin. If you search the acne boards you can find a thread i did from a few months ago about my acne skincare regimen, and jojoba oil is part of it. :)

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