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I have very little money right now to spend on cosmetics, so I am looking for products that work well but are not pricey. Do you know any products that work really well but are cheap?

Any beauty tips are welcome...

I bought a cheap moisturizer by biore and it feels good but it doesn't smell good at all, YUK. Does Cetaphil have a good (oil-free) moisturizer? I do use Aloe Vera gel from a plant to moisturize my body, that's inexpensive and very effective. I heard avocado's are good for the skin? I read somewhere that the best facial mask clay is actually old fashioned cat litter, you can mix it with hot water and make a real effective mask for no money. I heard all models use it, have you tried it? Do you know the name of the kind of cat litter I should get?

What can I do to make my hair look really healthy, shiny and beautiful? I use shampoo and conditioner by SUAVE cause it's cheap and it's ok. I don't have the money to buy extra stuff like conditioning masks or anything. I heard that olive oil is good to put on your hair, do you know if this is true? What does it do and how should I do it? What about coconut milk?

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