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[QUOTE=vboredatwork]Thanks NikkisNYmom!

Keep us posted with how it goes. I hope it works well for you.[/QUOTE]

Hey Vbored....

Well I went last night for my first laser hair removal session. It took about 10-15 minutes. I had a few pieces of hair on my chin I was so upset. I think it happened after I gave birth - my hormones went nuts I guess.

Anyway from what I remember - I didn't look closely - she brought this vacuum hose looking like thing. Thought I didn't look - it just seemed that way. The machine blows seriously cold air on you and you feel like your hairs are being pulled. I don't know how to describe it other than a stinging, pulling (sort of like tweezing but more intense like from the roots) feeling. She gave me these UV glasses to wear and she wore them too. She went around the chin area and it kept sucking the hair out and pulling it. You smell burnt hair. Afterwards you get a little sore - not much - but then again I have high pain tolerance. It's not bad really. You get red and you will see little spots like when you spread pepper on something. She told me that will happen. She said the little black dots left on you are the dead hair. They eventually go away when you keep washing your face, etc. She said I shouldn't get any sores or blisters but to make sure I wasn't under direct sun as in suntanning. She said even if you get blisters - they do go away but try not to go under the sun within two weeks of doing laser. She put Aquafor on me and gave me a little tube of it to take home. The redness went away on me fairly soon - maybe an hour or two at most.

This morning though I had little whiteheads on the places that she did it. I know they tell you not to touch them but I couldn't just leave it so I squeezed them and that was that. Now I feel fine but the area isn't smooth skin like the rest of my face of course. It's little bumps but that will go away I am sure. Plus my skin was becoming rashy on that area from tweezing. I just hope the hair doesn't grow back and that my not tweezing anymore will get my skin back to normal. It is not something noticeable - it never has been - my case isn't that bad but I would never go out without cover up that's for sure - haha. I go back in 6 weeks. She swore it's permanent and after 6 sessions I may need to come back at most for touch ups once every few months - maybe not even.

So that's my news...

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