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Thank so much for responding! I have a new-looking bottle of 20 volume peroxide that I found in the bathroom cabinet, but I think I'd rather use a frosting kit, like you suggested. I used to help my mom frost her hair, so I know the procedure. But I'm wondering, would I [B]have[/B] to use the cap? Could I just mix the solution together and apply it to all my hair instead of just selected pieces?

I've changed my reason for wanting to lighten part of my hair. Instead of wanting to lighten the darker portion of my hair, I am wanting to make the lighter parts of my hair back to their original color--let me explain: About 3 weeks ago, I put in a bright orange Manic Panic dye. It quickly washed out of the darker part of my hair, but stayed quite well on top where it's lightest. It stayed orange for about a week. Now, the bright orange has faded to a pale yellow with just a hint of green. It's seen brightest in natural light. I wash my hair nearly every day and my hair hasn't faded for about two weeks. I feel as though it will be in there forever unless I take action with a coloring/bleaching treatment. The greenish yellow isn't ugly; it's subtly pretty (almost), but I just kinda want my natural blonde back.

What are my options?

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