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I got a leg and bikini wax yesterday cause i am going to a waterpark all day tomorrow. It cost $85, which is about the same as other places around here (i called around). My legs turned out fine, though she missed some spots and said that i could come back in a few days or a week and she would get any patches that wouldnt come off then. My bikini area, on the other hand, looks awful. It is all red and bumpy--worse than with shaving. Some of the bumps look like ***** pimples, but mostly it looks like a bad rash. It doesn't itch, but it hurts. The worst part is at the same spot on both sides it looks like some of the skin came off and its dark red/brown. Yuck! The worst part is that I HAVE to go to this waterpark tomorrow as a shmooze thing for my company, and it looks awful in a swimsuit. I don't want to be the only one not wearing a swimsuit, but I also don't want to be splotchy bikini rash girl. I put Jergens cooling lotion on it to try to take away some of the pain, but that made it worse, and I tried neosporin, but that didn't help much. I have been wearing quality underwear that doesnt irritate it, but I think a swimsuit might make it worse, and I don't know about the chlorine. Has this happened to anyone else before? What can I do? I called the place tonight and they said to come in tomorrow morning and talk to the lady who did it, but what do I say to or ask her? Help. now. please! Thank you!!


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