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hi i was just wondering... do people look better without moles/with moles? i feel moles kind of ruin a persons appearance? tell me what you think! thanx everyone =)
Hey, i dont think moles are a big turn off myself in fact i usually dont even call them oles, i like to refer to them as " beatuy marks ". I think they set people apart :P
I go back and forth about my little ol mole on my cheek....It definitely sets me apart from others---and I would like to say in a good way! It's all good--It is certainly a part of my personality-and it has never stopped guys from talking to me. LOL Enhance what ya got and ENJOY! :cool:
I have one right on my cheek bone and under my bottom lip. I am very proud of them but even more proud that my 2 year son has the same ones in the same place to match his BIG blue eyes!! lol I grew up with my mom calling them beauty marks as well and not moles. Moles are what is on my back! I do not cover them up but I will sometimes make them noticable instead of looking like I am trying to cover them up. Men or Women I think they make you who are you are. ADORABLE! lol ;)
I don't like moles on the face. Freckles are cute, but moles have a rough texture and sometimes hair growing out of them. They can also turn out to be cancerous. I don't call them beauty marks since in class we refer to them as moles. When I was younger I'd call flat maks beauty marks and raised ones moles. And removing them often turns out to be a bigger mess than what was originally there. The scar will most likely be larger than the mole and more unatractive. But if it's growing, is bigger than the size of a pencil eraser tip, or has different colors in it, or irregular borders, then it should be checked out. I have a mole in the center of my chest which I like because it's more of an identity thing. But facial ones if they're big can look really funky, and when there's a LOT of them, it's kinda odd. If you ever think of removal for asthetic purposes, it would be best to look at some before and after photos first.
I think beauty marks are sexy, as long as they are not too big, or on an odd place such as the bottom of your chin or your nose. My boyfriend and my mom both have a beauty mark on the same spot as Cindy Crawford. They both hate them, but I think it makes their faces look unique in a good way. Think of Marilyn Monroe, her beauty mark was such a big part of her classic beauty! I also love freckles, and kinda wish I had some; they can look so cute!
I wish I had the luxuary of having a mole removed. I have Neurofibromatosis which causes multiple fibromas tumors all over my body, some quite large and noticiable. I could cover myself from head to toe, but I choose not to. I could have much worse conditions and if someone doesn't like it -- too bad.
Rrg... I have a mole on my nose... I HATE it... Im so self-concious (sp) about it. In class when I need to turn around in my chair, I turn to the right, so the people Im looking at dont have to stare at the kiwi on my face. Okay, its not a kiwi. But I still hate it. Im so jealous of people with moles and beauty marks in nice sports on their faces... or none at all... My family is full of freckles and a few moles, but no one else has any on their face. I hate it I hate it I hate it I want it gone. Even my sister makes me feel self-concious about it. In my entire life, Ive only had one positive remark, and it was from some punk girl working in a shoe store that said it was cool because it was like a nose ring/stud/whatever. In middle school people made fun of it (behind my back...). I was recognized as "the girl with the thing on her nose." I cant cover it with makeup because its so big. I can sorta cover a scar with makeup, and any scar on my face is better than this thing. Sometimes I want to live in a country where women have to cover their faces until they get married. Just so people stop staring. *takes a deep breath* Sorry, Im tired. And I get worked up easily when I get tired.

Soooo... I guess that... moles and freckles are cute, and can be very sexy, unless they are the size of a horse on a nose.
To be perfectly honest, moles can be a turn off, but I think a big part of it depends on the person's personality and how they present and carry themselves. It's a lot easier to make fun of the girl with the big mole on her chin that has her shoulders slumped and head hanging down than the girl with the big mole on her chin that walks with her head high with confidence and a spring in her step. And even if the mole IS kind of big, that punk rock girl is right. Some moles DO look cool because they give a person CHARACTER, even if it isn't a perfectly-placed Cindy Crawford beauty mark. My boyfriend has a pretty large mole on the side of his face that I don't even notice anymore. And even when I DID notice it, I never thought it was disgusting or anything. I say your best bet is to just gain some more self-esteem and confidence. I know, I know, easier said than done:)
Oh, my last response was kinda for Pyroenix, by the way:) Also, I just read EVERYONE else's posts, and I also just want to add that I would even go as far as saying that SOME moles can be sexy, too: ) My boyfriend I just talked about in my other post when as far as trying to remove his himself!! Ewww! And not to mention dangerous. Moles DO set you apart, and I think it's in a good way most of the time.
Moles are definetely not a turn off to me perhaps b/c I have a couple of moles/beauty marks what ever you call them on my face. They are not huge but they are there, visible. I hate it when I am talking to someone and that person just stares at my moles as if I have a five nostrils or three eyeballs. I feel like saying "Hey, stop it. Am I staring at your bald head or big fat bottom or weird hair color, etc.?".
I find moles on the face are distracting. They also get bigger with age and could become cancerous. Julio Iglesius and Carnie Wilson both had theirs removed recently. Janine Turner also had hers removed a while back. Pyroenix, have you seen a dermatologist about laser removal?
I probably came out more strongly than I intended... I tend to do that when Im tired :P

Solstice: I totally agree with you about the confidence thing. I do my best to stand tall and walk proudly, but my mole is still a confidence buster to me. I dont slump my shoulders or try to (obviously) hide my face, because then I would just look silly. Also, I have a hard time talking to and meeting new people, because my mole is all they seem to focus on. I suppose I could say that its the world that has the problem, but hey, the world it what I make it to be... And I do feel that I wouldnt be quite the same without it... but its still annoying >.<

iridescentsea: Yes! I know exactly what you mean! I try to turn to people with my mole-less side, because people do look at it a lot when Im talking to them. grr

rntkid: I went to a derm when I was 10 or so (Im 15 now) and they said that the scar would be bigger than the mole. I think that was just with the cut-and-take-that-sucker-out method, not laser. I think it may be time vor a second opinion... Plus the whole cancerous deal. And insurance and money. Oi.
[QUOTE=RICEBOY8778]hi i was just wondering... do people look better without moles/with moles? i feel moles kind of ruin a persons appearance? tell me what you think! thanx everyone =)[/QUOTE]

It depends on the mole placement and size. I don't mind small moles, however huge gargantuan ones are unsightly, especially if in an exposed area such as the face. I had a mole on the under part of my jaw near the front. I didn't mind it at all. However, as I got older, the thing started to grow coarse hair from it. One hair became 2, then 4 and soon there was like 7 coarse hairs growing from it. I plucked them, but it hurt, so I had it removed. Unfortunately the doctor didn't seem to get all the hair folicles when he burnt it off, and now I get 3 or 4 hair growing from where the mole used to be. But it doesn't hurt as much to pull them as it did with the mole there.

It's important to keep an eye on moles though. They can become cancerous, so it's important to watch for changes in their size or colour, or new moles popping up in places where there were none.

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