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Hey there!

Well if you have the Hai2 then it is all a matter of knowing how to use it because you really do have one of the best. When I first got mine I was sure there was something wrong with it because it didn't make my hair straight like it did when my stylist used it. After several attempts, this is what I found works best: While the hair is wet, massage in a dollop of Redken Straight Balm then spray evenly with Biosilk Smoothing Spray. Then blow or air dry the hair (doesn't matter if it is wavy or messy) till it is 100% dry. Take the iron at 170-200 (make sure the red light is flashing- indicates it is at that temp.) and smoothy slide it down sections of the hair from top to bottom (you should do it in layers-underneath and then the top layer). Don't run the iron down too quickly. If you see the steam don't think it is smoke from burning hair. Believe me, it is moisture evaporating not smoke. After ironing, allow the hair to cool before styling it. You might want to finish with a touch of polish or pomade to tame any flyaways. Voila! Silky, smooth flat hair. I like the super-straight look and only this iron lets me achieve it (and the CHi). Also, it stays that way. In the worst humidity it might curl a bit at the ends but no frizz. Just play around with it and different products and see what works for you. But it will work if done properly and it is much better for the hair than any metal iron. Hope this helps!

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