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Sorry for not responding for so long, but since I am only on the program for 2 1/2 weeks now, there is not very much to tell yet. Today is the first day I can feel my breasts getting a little sore, but it's my time to get PMS, although I must report that my breasts are not so sore as they are when I suffer from PMS.
Measuring my breasts is kinda hard, cause I can measure 4 times and come up with different measurements. All I can say is that my brah is a little tight, but as I said, that can be caused by PMS.
But if this won't really work, I still think Greenbush is the best option to try, because you get the herbs in a very high dose and for a good prize. Drinking tea and rubbing your breasts is said to be very important, and most formula's don't do them. So don't use creams or formula's with 15 types of herbs, they are the ones that have the lowest rate of results. Use Greenbush or buy the herbs yourself at your local herbs shop.
And, don't forget to buy vitamin and mineral pills to be sure you don't miss crucial nutrients that are needed to make your breasts grow. I've heard that some women have a zinc shortage, so they remain flat for the rest of their lives no matter what they eat (even if they get fat they remain very small chested). Taking zinc could mean sudden breasts growth for these women. I take one multivitamin and -mineral pill once a day, to be sure all important nutrients are present in my body.
For the rest I can only tell that I'm taking 9 pills a day (one pill contains 575mg and contains equal blend of fenugreek, saw palmetto and wild yam),
about 2 ml of the enhancement blend extract (1 ml equals 1000 mg of fenugreek, saw palmetto and wild yam) and I massage my breast with 1/3 ml of the extract before I go to bed. Beside that, I drink one cup of Bustea or one cup of common Fennel tea. So I'm taking quite much, therefor I'm convinced that all the other pills are too weak to do a thing.
I've tried the Breast Succes pills but nothing happened, only when I started taking 6 pills a day I thought something was happening, but soon after that I ran out of pills to be sure of that. And they were too expensive for me to reorder, especially since I needed to take so many pills. Therefor I ordered the Greenbush enhancement blend kit, so I could afford to take the herbs in a high dose.
But as I said, right now I can't tell you much, I need to wait a little longer to see what happens.

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