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Are your individual eyelash hairs dark colored all the way to the tip, or do they become lighter in color close to the tip? Mine are brown/black for most of their length, and then they become almost clear at the tip. I've found that if I just use a tiny bit of mascara to color that clear tip, my lashes look so much longer! I believe Cover Girl (buy at Walmart, etc.) makes a product called Natural Lash Darkener (or something like that). It won't make your lashes thicker, but it will darken them, especially if your lash tips are light colored like mine. One layer of the darkener probably wouldn't be noticeable. You could probably even curl your lashes gently before putting it on. It's relatively inexpensive, so you might as well try it. I'd get the waterproof version, so that smudging doesn't give your makeup-usage away. Be careful to gently remove the mascara at night when you wash your face.

You asked about plucking stray eyebrow hairs and mentioned that it is too expensive to have eyebrow waxing done in a salon. The first time you have your eyebrows waxed, you should have it done in a salon. It will cost you $6-$10, not much. The professionals can make sure that they wax any stray hairs. Once you've had the waxing done once in a salon, it will be SO much easier for you to spot and pluck the stray hairs. There are a couple additional reasons to go to the salon first. They will show you the proper method of plucking hairs and give you tips on reducing any pain. Also, it is very easy to over-pluck your eyebrows. You will draw attention to your eyes if this happens, but it won't be the attention you want. If you have the salon pluck/wax your eyebrows the first time, you can easily see and pluck any that grow back without risking an over-plucking mishap. I'd encourage you to find $8 (that's what it costs me) for your first eyebrow shaping. I suppose you could have your mom or sister show you what to do if the salon is not an option, but it's still a little risky.

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