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I have heard a lot on the Bare Escentuals, but I have heard little to no reviews on Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup. That's the first infommercial I saw on mineral makeup, then I saw BE today.

I want to buy Sheer Cover because it's simply cheaper. I can't decide whether to get Light or Medium because I don't know how they really look like. I know there are samples out there, but which one are really trusted to buy 2 different shades. I would need blush from BE because Sheer Cover do not sell many other makeups.

Has anyone tried Sheer Cover? Please share whether good or bad of Sheer Cover. I have heard enough of BE, but would like to know how you choose colors. It seems a tad complicated, and their website is a mess. Three of their links are the same thing. I thought I saw 19.99 for the club which I know I can cancel, but when you click order now, then I see 54 dollars! WTH? It seems complicated to find what it really has to buy it elsewhere.

It takes getting used to that they are really foundations in powders, right?

I am proned to acne, especially cystic ones. I find that the Almay Foundation make me have at least 2 or 3 reddish acne along my blush area in one or two days. Not good! :nono:

Anyway, let me hear a whole lot on Sheer Cover, please! :angel:
Hi,there! I saw your post and wanted to respond. I've been using sheer cover for about 6-8 months! I really like it alot. I used the Bare Minerals BEFORE I used the sheer cover. I like the sheer cover better. I'll tell you why. FOR ME, the sheer cover was a better color on my face. (I'm very fair and have acne rosesa) It also seems to blend easier for me and takes me about 2 min. to apply! It's very easy and they send you a video on how to appy it and hide the flaws. It also does NOT make me break out and they send you this concealer (that BM did not have or send me) that works well to cover up my dark circles under my eyes. I would recommend it for anyone. I think you'll like it if you try it. It also doesn't feel like you're wearing a mask like regular liquid foundation. That stuff always makes me break out,too! I think it looks very natural on my face and that's what I want--NOT a fake, made-up look. I'm too old for that! LOL (By the way,I'm 41) Hope this information helps you! ;)
Physcians Formula puts out a mineral make-up - I have used Bare Essentials, Sheer Cover, and Aramoleigh(sp?). I got the Physcians Formula at my local drug store for $12.95, gee whiz got to the counter and it was on sale for $7.95. I like it much better than all the others - for me, it covers better and stays on longer. Much better bargin!!! :D

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