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For cleansing, Witch Hazel would be better used after the initial cleansing stage no matter which cleansing method you use.
For eye make up removal use either an eye makeup remover or something like Olive Oil first.
But try not to use Mineral Oil. Too heavy.
I've used Olive Oil for years and it's great.
Of course you can always spend more money at the beauty counter and that's a personal preferance.
After the initial cleaning is done, then use the Witch hazel as a final stage cleaner/toner.
Becareful because a lot of brands come in an alcohol solution so you want to look at any bases the witch hazel is processed with and consider those additives regarding your skin. especially if you decide to use witch hazel for an eye pack. Probably best to ask a Pharmacist for information on the products they carry.
If you are using the dried herb you can brew witch hazel up like a tea and make a few ounces. It should keep for about a week.
And yes, it's nice and the skin does look better and more clear. Try it. It's economical enough and pretty harmless.

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