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Okay--it seem to be a trend with this "professional" business--

Large pores--are dirty--just clean them with a cleanser that reacts well with your skin--I know because I have had them since I was 13--am not 25--and they don't bother me--as long as I keep up with my skin care regimen.

My skin is dry except for around my nose--which is oily--so I use Neutrogena's Healthy Skin wash--people say that blackheads and whiteheads do not extract themselves--not true--if you wash--sometimes they pop out on their own--and after several exfoliations with the cleanser--the pores look reduced and have less gunk in them--

I use a very mild cleanser during the day if I need to wash my face as using the scrub more than once a day is too harsh for my skin--I'm not a person to buy one brand and one brand only--I use what works--and I have found a combination of Dove cleansers with Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Pore Refining Wash, and Healthy Skin lotion with SPF--work great for me--

I work in the medical field--and those who always claim "professional" work--are the ones who usually either religiously go to such clinics (not that all procedures are bad) and or they work in them.

You don't have to depend on a "professional" to clean a blackhead--you can buy simple extractors online if you look them up--or you can just exfoliate--until they are reduced.

Good luck.

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