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Witch hazel is a known skin irritant. Be careful because it can cause redness and blotchy skin, especially when used frequently.

I used to sell Mary Kay cosmetics, so I know how good they are. However, if you have very oily skin, you are not going to be cured. They can help you look better, but they are limited in what they can do. If you have very oily skin, you'd probably do better by getting prescribed treatment from a dermatologist. There are far more potent options than using Mary Kay.

Check the acne message board. Five of the most promising options (none have worked similarly for everyone, you have to experiment and find what's best for you) are: Retin-A, Accutane, Tazorac, Benzoyl Peroxide, and B5 which is a high-vitamin dosage. Some people have had good results with Ketsugo. I recently bought this myself, but have only used it once and cannot vouch for its effectiveness. I'm hoping that the B5 and Tazorac will help me, as I too have an overall internal oily problem which I don't see any one topical solution being able to resolve. I have an oily scalp, face, chest, back, ears, etc. so I'm looking to the B5 to change my body's overall oil output.

I have no idea how bad your oiliness it, but I hope some of these suggestions will prove worthwhile.

Good luck!
k well i thought i might as well through in my experiences here, save other people trawling through the same products. im 18, male and have bad oily skin, only a couple of hours for my nose to get really oily. (worse a couple of days after sex, testosterone or sumtin)

in no particular order:

b5- didnt work, tired just normal and also expensive vilantae (evolutionx) for a total of about 6 months. is as well

ketsugo- this i derived from sharks bile i think, tis ok to use and it works. reduced my oil by about 30%. only problem was i am way to oily for it to be a complete solution. does make ur skin look a bit shiny just cause of the way it goes on but if u put a little moistureiser over the top its fine. not too expensive and one bottle will last 2 months.

aesop balancing gel- this stuff is a properly good product, its not trying to con people in anyway and its a posh company so good quality components.
it is expensive (about 30-40 or i guess about $80) but it got my forehead from 2-3 hours to get greasey to about 9 hours for it to be noticeable. its a vitamin B and C based thing i think, so its really good for ya. not great for my nose tho, still oily.

Akmicare- this is a three step kit. a really gentle wash, a topical application and a hydrating cream. its a high quality kit that is antibacterial and also specifically targets oil production inorder to fight spots/acne and oily skin. i recomend this product although it didnt work for me (think its just my skin)

am about to try a combination of suppliments to see if that helps (saw pamaletto, zinc, nettle capsules, milk thislte) along with the aesop gel. plus i wash with either water or a really gentle cleanser and moisturise with lab series.

K ONE REALLY IMORTANT THING: OC8, this is the name of an oil absorbing gel/cream that will really really really help you out. it has saved me from having no social life for the last three years. doesnt reduce oil but just absorbes it tons. called oc8 cause it controls oil (for) 8 hours, get it. life saver.

ne'way this is a bit of an essay but it might help some of u struggling with this curse. p.s if ur female then its much easier cause u can use antiandrogens, birth control or spiro to elminate ur prob!!!!!!!

good source of products [url][/url] o and i cant spell so apologisejkelhjkfhvlkejh's

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