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Hi Rachel,
I am a makeup addict and I have found that the best colors for when you are tired are blue or a forest green eyeliner. the blues and greens help make your eyes look whiter. Also, taking a liquid eyeliner and extend your eye by drawing a little upwards in the corner on your upper lid (wish I could draw this for you), a bit Marilyn- ish, Audrey Hepburn look. The line going out and up will create the illusion that your eyes are larger and thus, more open. In terms of being pale with the red hair, choose a foundation that is a little warmer than your skin tone but not mcuh darker. Dab a little on your cheeks as a base for blush and then a warm pink blush (usually the ones that say plum are natural looking pinks) will give you a lift. I have pale skin and I use plumberry glow by Cover Girl. And then a nice warm color on the lips, a soft orangey red or pink (but a reddy pink, no pale pink that will give a tired look). In terms of colors to avoid: brown tones and some purples can add to the exhausted look. origins has an undereye cream that works pretty well. All the best to you! Myself I am always fighting that worn out look as I am getting older but I really stick with blues and greens around the eyes and find this helps alot. Ugh it is hard to age!!!

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