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To any girl who has healthy skin here (if you get a pimple or two around your period and that's it, that is still clear skin!!), I am wondering if you could share with me your skincare routine. What products do you use (if any) - facewash, moisturizer, etc., how do you wash your face, do you wear makeup?

My acne-prone skin is genetic and hormonal, so I know that can't exactly be helped. BUT, I do think my skin could look better if I treated it properly. I don't get why this always has to be such an ordeal. It's been looking extra bad this past year and I really think that all these products designed for acne-prone skin are doing me more harm than good. What good can come from drying out your skin so badly?? I bet the pH and texture of my skin are messed because of all the unnatural "acne fighters" they make us think we have to smear on our faces twice a day. I noticed my clear-skin friends sometimes don't even wash their faces, or if they do, they use regular soap, or just water! Am I missing something?! I'm beginning to feel that I'm being duped into thinking I should be using products meant to fight pimples.

I want to find a simple, effective skin care routine... I'm thinking Dove soap and a great moisturizer, but I want opinions. I'm so sick of using all these products with Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid....blah. My skin is so dry, on top of being bumpy and broken out. What do people with NORMAL skin use?? Please share, I need some insight on this.

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