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I never broke out until I was 24 years old. I would party like crazy and pass out with makeup still on and never get a pimple. I am now going on 30 and I just got my skin to really clear up in the last year or so. I feel mine is also genetics along with my hormones. Ultimately I think I needed to exfoiliate to get rid of the problem but its hard to find stuff to do that on a regular basis that is not harsh. I have been to the dermatologist and tried antibiotics, Retin A, Differin, Clindmycin...etc etc. Then I did Proactiv for a year with really cleared my up but my skin became tolerant of the Benzol Peroxide...I tried Clinique Acne system and that made my skin worse.....
Anyways after trying all kinds of other stuff....I tried the Oil of Olay daily facials (clarifying) and my skin is now clear! It took a few months for my skin to completely adjust to it but I did see results right away. Now my routine is so simple...use the cleansing towelette and then swipe Dove toner over my face and I am 99% clear!!!! Except for the occasional one around that time of the month. Now I am trying to deal with the scars from my previous acne. I have had 2 microdermabrasion treatments and they helped alot. I am going to try a glycolic peel next.
I have also noticed that having a clean diet for me keeps my skin clear along with drinking alot of water. I dont think these last 2 things are a solution for acne but in my case I break out even worse if I am eating alot of junk. I hope this helps...I think everyones solution is different but if you are looking for something simple the cloths might be an option. I even cut them in half because they are big and that does the job fine. :)

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