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Ok, just tried mineral foundation this morning for the first time and my face looks SOO chalky! Ugh! It's terrible! I didn't moisturize first, maybe that was the problem?? I dunno. I have combo skin and I haven't found a moisturizer that won't make me break out so I definitely have some dry patches. My pores looks HUGE! And its making fine lines pop out that I didn't even know I had! I'm only 21! lol Ugh! Somebody, anybody, help me out! How am I supposed to apply this stuff correctly and whats the best brush I should use??
Well, you have to consider age, too - I'll be 43 on Monday, so I need more products than I did when I was younger. :)
However, I will say that my skin is in better condition now than when I was younger. I went through a lot of products before I came up with the routine that is best for me. Each product has a different function, so it works well.

I use Paula's Choice 2% BHA solution. She also has a couple in a 1%, but I think they are a "lotion" (just meaning that they are thicker & probably more appropriate for someone with normal-dry skin).
The blushes are what looked REALLY shiny. I threw them away immediately. I tried the Viole yesterday and loved it. It didnt look shiny in the bag but I wanted to make sure before I applied it and then had to wash my face again. I hate washing my face toooo many times in one day. Its not good for it. Love the Aromaleigh though!!! The colors seem to match the best! Do you mix colors or do you have one that works for you? WHat color do you use? Are you using samples or did you purchase the little jars?
[QUOTE=lu55]I know this is a long thread and I haven't been following it. But, it seems as though the question is does mineral makeup cause pimples. My experience is that it does. And, they did not show up immediately but rather after a few weeks of use. BE and Youngblood both broke me out (I never had a pimple in years). I discontinued both and the pimples went away. I was determined to try mineral makeup and switched to Corey's, which does not break me out BUT is difficult to apply and does not look anywhere near as good as the ones that caused me facial grief.

I know from reading other sites that mineral makeup does cause problems.

I had the exact opposite happen to me. I was getting terrible pimples that downright hurt and tooks weeks to go away. The type that start under the skin.
Since I started using BE I have had no pimples at all and it's been about 9 months.
The bottom line I think, is everyone is different with different types of skin. It's all trial and error and finding what works best for your particular skin :)

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