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I didn't care for Bare Minerals. It just didn't work for me at all but a lot of people do like it. It depends on the finish you want. I didn't like having so much shine. I haven't tried the Jane Iredale...I thought it was pricey.
I have been using Cory minerals and I'm very happy with it. You can get very generous samples from Cory for next to nothing and they last and last. I use a lot less of Cory than any of the other minerals I've tried. You probably know this but the brush you use to apply the minerals makes all the difference in the world. When I received my Cory samples, I was still waiting for my kabuki to come in the mail so I used a regular make up brush and it was horrible. I looked very chalky and sick. With my kabuki and concealer brush it looks awesome. I also have some red scars on my nose from acne that I could not cover with anything I've tried and the Cory completely covers and lasts all day. I really had to try a few to find what I like. Try to sample a few before you decide. I don't know about sample prices for all of the brands but you can get Cory samples for .35 cents each.
You may also want to consider some of the smaller mineral companies. Like vboredatwork stated, it's really trial & error - and what type of coverage & finish you want.

Bare Minerals, Mineral Secrets, Jane Iredale, & Youngblood all contain shiny mica and/or bismuth oxychloride. That will make the finish look "shiny". The bismuth also causes problems with itching in some people.

Aromaleigh, Cory, Monave, Botany 101, Geografx, Barefaced Minerals, Pure Luxe, Alpha Skin Care, Evan's Garden, to name a few - are all matte finish & do not contain bismuth. All offer samples for a small fee. Some have heavier coverage than others - some offer more than one formula. If you're looking for a "dewy" finish, you can mix any of these with a moisturizer & apply like a liquid makeup.

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