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I want to get rid of some white scars that I have around my jawline and upper neck. These scars are completely flat and smooth, not indented or raised, and are much whiter than the rest of my skin. I've tried exfoliating with scrubbing grains and with mild chemical peels. No luck. They've been there for several years now, so I know they're not going to fade away on their own. Makeup doesn't hide them very well, and tends to just rub off. Help please!
If the chicken pox scar was dark then it was not really a scar but a temporary discoloration left over from an injury to the skin. These eventually go away on their own, even without any treatment. White scars are real scars and are permanent. They are white because pigment has been lost from the area. I have heard of a new laser that actually "colors" the lighter areas so they blend in with the rest of the skin. These lasers are supposedly great for white stretch marks. It makes them virtually disappear.

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Yes, her scars have been there for a while and will not improve on their own. I don't think you read my post carefully or else you did not really understand it. Her scars are white and these kinds of scars will NOT tan because they lack melanin and melanin is what gives skin its pigment when it tans. Therefore, your advice to just get a tan would definitely not work for her at all. Quite the contrary, tanning will make her white scars be more visible next to darker, tanned skin.
What I also suggested regarding exposure to sun applies to other kinds of scars (not the white kind). Other scars, especially when they are still new, actually do darken with exposure to sunlight and start looking worse. People with new scars should avoid exposure to sunlight. As as matter of fact, everyone should avoid unprotected (with no sunscreen) exposure to sunlight because of its well known role in premature wrinkling and skin cancer. Tanning is just not a good idea.

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