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My daughter used to work for Clinique. It is true that hypoallergenic only means that there are no common allergens in the product. It's a real pain but what you may need to do is to carefully check the list of ingredients in each product you have had a problem with .. paying especially close attention to the the coloring used (reds/purples etc. are a VERY common allergy problem.) You may find there is either a common substance that could be the source of your allergy or you may not be able to wear certain colors. I can only wear plum/pink shades from certain companies. A safer way to test new products is to apply it to the fine, thin skin in the crook of your arm (opposite your elbow) & wait 24 hrs. to check for any reaction. Not a perfect solution as your eyelids are even more sensitive but may save you from having to deal with grossly swollen & sore eyes. GL!

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