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Well, what you had originally asked was if men and women view beauty differently....and the answer is yes. And I think it's based on our reasons - women judge another woman based soley on her looks, and men will base it on what's attractive to them as men. And it's not just limited to the way we see women in general, it's also men. No, I don't think Justin Timbrlake is very nice looking if you're basing that on just his face, but the whole package is what makes him appealing to younger girls. I personally have never seen the attraction to Nicole Kidman, but I know others - men and women alike - who think she's beautiful. I don't find Catherine Zeta Jones attractive either, but my son-in-law drools. Kate Moss? I don't see it, either. Cindy Crawford? I've seen her in person and she's much prettier in pictures, which I suppose is why she's a model. I have never thought she was drop-dead gorgeous either, but photogenic? You bet. As far as classic beauty, I still think Elizabeth Taylor was for many years the most beautiful woman on the planet, and I wasn't alone in that feeling as she was called that for many many years. All a person need do is look at pictures of her when she was younger, especially during the time she was married to Richard Burton, I don't think there was a female anywhere who could touch her. She was beautiful. Period. I do remember one day at work mentioning this to a friend who was only in her 20's, and she scrunched up her nose. She was thinking of how she looks now, and Liz has aged as we all have. I asked if she had ever seen Liz when she was younger, and she said no. Awhile later I saw a picture of Liz in a magazine when she was in her 20's and took it into work to show my friend. She looked at the picture and said 'Wow, is she ever pretty. Who is she?' Imagine her surprise when I told her. Angeline Jolie kind of grows on you I think. I find her face interesting but not really pretty. But men will drop at her feet, I think because they like those full lips and long hair, and to them that spells sexuality. Cameron Diaz is 'odd' looking, and I honestly don't know of anyone who considers her pretty....except maybe Justin. And I'm sure there's many people out there who look at Britney, then look at Cameron, and like me don't get it. Britney to me has the whole package going - looks, figure, hair, the works. I don't think Cameron can hold a candle to her.
On the other hand, how many of us women have looked at a man and commented on how attractive he is, only to get a really strange look from our husband/boyfriend? Honestly, for me it's Billy Ray Cyrus, incredibly handsome man - in my eyes - but it's also his gentleness and down-south manners that are attractive to women. And how many of us can say that we thought Tom Cruise was 'it' until he dumped Nicole, and then for some reason he wasn't quite so attractive to us anymore.
So I think it's not only what we find physically attractive but what someone's looks do to us inside and how they make us feel. As my dad used to say - 'There's something attractive about everybody, whether they have nice eyes, pretty hair, cute toes, whatever. Everybody has SOMEthing about them that's atractive to another person'. And I think that's something we can all agree with.

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