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I agree that women are ruthless when judging other women's looks. Men on the other hand are much more indulgent and an attractive woman with a good body will be beautiful in their eyes. I also think we are generally attracted to the opposite sex of our own type. I have dark hair, brown eyes, slim build and i've always been attracted to men of this type. Only once have i dated a blond and it was his personality that attracted me. I've dated ugly men, average looking men and good looking men, but always of a similar type. I think though that men have a wider scope as they're pretty much attracted to any type, heh.

Anyways, regarding beauty. I always thought that beauty was instantly recognisable, whether you're attracted to it or not, it's something you just can't deny. It's a completely superficial quality as it has no relation to whether you're having a bad hair day or whether you've spent a sleepless night, beauty is always apparant. Attractiveness is something else. I think most people can be attractive with the right hair style, the right clothes, the right attitude etc. I actually don't think there are that many truely beautiful celebrities out there, most of them are attractive people who after some polishing and grooming can look beautiful, otherwise why so many different opinions.

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