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It's pretty bad for your skin. That and vaseline, or any kind of petroleum jelly. It is all basically a petrol oil, which is something that can be used to make your car run in certain forms. It will definitely clog your pores. It doesn't allow the skin to breathe, because the molecules are much too large, your body's natural oils can not break through that barrior, so it clogs up. This does cause wrinkles, eventhough it would seem like all that oil would be good, but it's an opposite affect because it's suffocating your skin, not giving it enough oxygen and such.

Now it is definitely used in a LOT of products, almost every body lotion you find has mineral oil in it, and baby oil is pure mineral oil. But you should really only put oils on your skin that you could actually put INSIDE of your body.

You can find pure cocoa butter or shea butter at stores, although some do contain mineral oil (I don't know if it is enough mineral oil to be that bad on your skin, but I would rather have it pure).

Other oils that are good are Olive, Coconut, Almond, Camellia, Jojoba (which is actually a wax).. and there are many others. These oils allow your skin to breathe and actually are close to your bodies own natural oils, and many of them contain vitamins and other great things, and they do not clog the pores, unless you use way too much and then of course it could make it too oily (but using too much of ANYTHING isn't a good idea, especially anything with mineral oil). Mineral oil doesn't contain anything GOOD for the skin, you might as well put car oil on your skin! Plus, when using these other oils, you only have to use a very tiny amount, so a little goes a long way.

Have you ever noticed how when you use chapsticks or vaseline on your lips that you have to keep buying it and applying it over and over? It's because it's acutally keeping moisture from your skin, nothing gets in, nothing gets out, it doesn't actually HEAL the skin.... so in other words, you keep buying them more often, and that's VERY big business for all these beauty companies......

Oh by the way, some of the most beautiful women in the world, and the ones who STAY looking beautiful well into old age, are those that use these Olive oils and camellia oils, and pure cocoa butter, etc. (And a LOT of these women are from other countries, where they've been using them for thousands of years). These oils keep the skin flexible, prevent wrinkles, stretch marks, even acne, and can even take away wrinkles and help fade stretch marks. I, myself, only recently started using Olive oil, and I wish I had started it when I was a child! I'm only 23 now, though, and still look young, so I know these oils will keep my skin looking nice and healthy for life (along with good food and lots of water, of course). Every women should use them. =)

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I don't even believe that it clogs acne prone skin, not if you apply it correctly. For your face you pour into your hand less than a dime size of the oil, about half the size of a dime. Then you rub your palms together and rub some on your fingernails to get rid of a bit, and then you PAT your palms on your face all over, and you can gently rub that in if you want, you can barely feel it. You can put more around your eyes and on your lips.

To my surprise, my blackheads have actually started to lessen more since I began using olive oil, and even when I put it on a pimple, it went away sooner also. The oil loosens things up in your pores, and it keeps your skin from over producing even more oil, which is what would cause more breakouts in the first place. And it has vitamins in it(specifically Vit.E) that helps acne prone skin and lines and wrinkles, and it also has antimircobials that actually keep your skin CLEAN, not dirty, it contains other good things for the skin, too. You can even wash your face with olive oil, it will get the dirt off, it certainly gets makeup off, and you can use a gentle cleanser after removing your makeup with it just to feel cleaner, that's what I do and then I apply a very tiny amount as a moisturizer. My natural skin type is certainly OILY with a tendency towards blackheads, and since using olive oil it has not been as oily as it was, nor is it dry at all, it is just right. I had been using aloe vera gel on my face and it dried it out, eventhough I loved it at first because it dried up all my oil and helped my blackheads, but it ended up making it worse after a while (aloe vera shouldn't be used TOO often), but the olive oil has balanced my skin, it's making it even better than before.

I believe using all the wrong products for years is actually what helped clog my pores in the first place (even using "oil free" cleansers and moisturizers). But the good oils actually loosen things OUT of your pours. Everyone is so afraid of the "oil" word because the cosmetic companies have made it out to be this evil thing, and I know it certainly is not a bad thing at all, it's great. People just run into problems when they start OVER using it, because they think more is better, but all you need is a tiny bit.

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