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I would say that I go by personal experience and by looking at thousands of years of history of the most beautiful women in the world, those living in several different countries, including Native American women (which is one part of my blood), all who never used mineral oil, and most who still don't. I will *mostly* (but not always) only use oils on the outside of my body that are also good for the INSIDE of my body. Mineral oil is definitely not one of these. I guess if some people think mineral oil is safe, they should apply it to their face as a moisturizer and see what it does to their pores, if it doesn't clog them then that's great for them.

I, on the other hand, want only the VERY best for my skin and hair, and I know which oils are the best. That is my personal preference, I suppose, but I think it does other women good by letting them know about these oils, too. And they are not always more expensive, especially when they do just as good as or better than very expensive wrinkle creams.

You'll find many studies and articles on the internet that claim all sorts of things are a myth. For example, I don't know how many dermatologist's sites that I've been to that claim over and over that food has no effect on your skin, especially acne, and that drinking lot's of water doesn't really do anything. Well, I don't care if that's what they think, I know for certain that one's diet and fluid intake is the most important thing for healthy skin. So I've just tried to find the best information I can find out there and use my common sense and go by personal experience.

And from my own personal experience with vaseline and mineral oil, I would not even dare to put it on my baby someday. I feel like a beautiful woman, I want to stay that way and not worry about it. Because once someone has to worry about the way they look all the time then they stop paying attention to other people and stop caring about them and helping them. So that's another reason why I decided to use oils like these, they are much less a hassle and do such a great job that I don't have to go shopping around all the time always looking for the next great cream or potion like so many women are always on the look out for (like I was, myself) and wasting hundreds of dollars throughout their lives. I'm a minimalist by nature, I like being a very natural beauty, I do wear some make-up (and of course I shave hah hah, I'm not THAT natural), but I do not collect beauty creams and crap like that. I'm too free and natural for that, so I guess these type of oils just take away from the time I have to actually worry about the way I look, and that is very good because I have much more important things to do. But, of course, mineral oil is cheap and easy, too, but I still want the best. :)

By the way, Paula Begoun (from cosmetic cop) has been known to change her opinions from book to book, while people pay over $20 for some of them, each time. I don't mean any disrespect by saying this, but with all that make-up on her face, and the way it looks (not very good, in my opinion), I just would rather look towards other more natural looking beautiful women in this world for the best beauty advice.

(oh this was originally in response to Liquify, but I guess your post was deleted or something)

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