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it depends on what kind of wax you want. there are different "styles" if you opt for a brazilian, they will wax off ALL the hair down there (even the backside hairs) i think the playboy wax leaves a little strip on the top. and a regular bikini wax is just the sides. ive had the brazilian done, and i loved it! didnt have to worry about shaving or hair growing back for almost three weeks. it's also not as painful as you would think. just pop in a couple of tylenols before you go and you'll be fine.

you do have to take your underwear off for a brazilian. it is kind of like going to the gynecologist. some places have stirrups, but others dont (the one i went to didnt) but i assure you it's not that uncomfortable. the whole thing took the girl about 10 minutes. it's definately worth it! and if you're embarassed just remember two things.. 1) its usually a female and she does it for a living so you can imagine how many vaginas she sees in a day!
2) you dont have to go back if you dont want to.. so grin and bear it for 10 mins then decide next time if u can face her again =) but like i said its not really that bad.. i was completely comfortable with the girl who did mine. and she removed all my ingrowns for me. (damn things ive tried to get out for a long time she got out in 2 seconds)

for a regular bikini wax i dont think u have to remove your underwear. but they only wax the sides and whatever hair shows outside the bikini line.

good luck! after waxing i hate shaving!

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