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Mar 2, 2004
Microdermabrasion uses sterile micro-crystals to exfoliate the skin's surface cells. It's supposed to be good for reducing mild acne scars, tighening pores, eliminating white heads and black heads, and helping skin cell turnover. But I heard that it may not help with existing acne, actually it may aggragate it (because it's a bit irritating to the skin?). Also, they say that you should stop using glycolic acids, AHAs and Retin-A for a few days before the Microdermabrasion treatment.

As far as helping the camellia oil absorb better, I think Microdermbrasion will do the job (camellia oil can also reduce acne scars. It has significantly reduced mine). You acutally need to use something like camellia oil to soothe your skin after the Microdermabrasion because it can dry out your skin a bit and leave it red.

I've heard of a couple of good home microdermabrasion kits - Epidermx, Dermanew and I-Skin. You can get I-Skin from Sally Beauty Supply.[/QUOTE]

joche - I am new to this board and was curious with the acne scars. you said that the camellia oil has reduced some scarring? Do you use microderm or anything else? I want to try something to reduce scars, but something that is not harsh on my skin. I used retin - a years ago, but it was extremely drying. I am thinking of microderm and the oil. Any suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated. I am a guy 32 yrs old with dry skin and mild scarring. Thanks.

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