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[QUOTE=kitten_kisses]I just got done plucking my eyebrows, and I lost the shape of them. Sometimes they have this great shape, and then 2 days later there are a lot of strays. Then I pluck. And I go overboard. And my beautiful shape is gone. My eyebrow hair grows in the wrong places and I'm just kind of bald in some spots. I know a lot of people say "stop plucking!" but it's not that easy. While they're growing in, I still want them to look groomed.

Is there any remedy anybody uses on eyebrows to make them grow in certain spots? I don't want the strays, I just need to fill in some spots and I want those hairs to grow in and quick! I've heard Rogaine works, but I would like other alternatives. In the meantime, I will stop plucking and use eyebrow pencils, but what should I do for actual hair to grow in these spots? Anything on the market that works? Help me! :eek:[/QUOTE]
The eyebrows experts to the stars all say that you should have them shaved by a pro. Shaving will give you a more sculptured brow and with waxing the hair folicle grows back weak so if you accidently wax a crucial piece of hair chances are it won't grow back the same thickness or length, in time your brows become retard. If you shaved your whole brow off and let it grow back the hair would grow back much darker and thicker. But no one's that crazy.

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