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Ok guys for the last 3 years my face between and on my eyebrows, I have had severe dry skin. I shed like a snake i crap you not!!! I have tried everything. Stuff with alpha hydroxy acid, mary kay cosmetics. Well got down to my final straw!! I read somewhere i think in and old gypsy charm book that to put extra virgin olive oil where the dry skin is. Do this morning and night. You not need a lot just tip the bottle over your fingertip and spread over and into dry skin. I still get a little flakyness but not as bad and is slowly going away!!!! Another beauty treatment from the old gypsies was to mix honey with an egg and use it as a facial leave on 15 minutes and rince your face will feel tighter and have a glow. Also brush hair in natural light to have soft smooth hair. and one that brushes her hair under the moon will ensure the hair to grow fast. Just thought i'd add in some old gypsy wives tales. I do know for fact last 3 really does work!!!!
Hey there -

For the dry flaky skin. I had that for a year by my eyebrows.

Use Vasaline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone forgets about that and uses fancy creams! AND DONT SCRATCH IT. AND DONT WEAR MAKE UP, DONT!!!! No matter what you do, UNTIL it's healed, then use vasaline to REMOVE your make up so the same thing doesn't happen again.


Vaseline clogs pores. Olive oil doesn't. I recommend a mix of olive and jojoba oil for dry skin.
It could be a fungus or a skin disorder, I'd ask a dermatologist.
No mine is from the winter season I get it every year in the winter usually lasts through spring. Then goes back to normal. Yeah have asked my doc. Thats what he says.

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