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I find keeping a neutral palate works best if you are just starting out. I have never been a fan of bright colors on my eyes, but part of that is in my daily routine it looks too garrish and made up.
I have hazel eyes, though green or blue at any given time. I stick with a brown and a taupe or tan match (you can get them paired-often called duos). First, get yourself makeup brushes. Take the lighter color and brush that over your entire lid up to your brow bone. Then, using a smaller brush, get some of the darker color and use that only in the crease and the lash line. I would forgo any eye liner until you get a look you like, and eye liner can be a bit dramatic. if you have blonde or brown hair go with a browner eye liner, you can also get one to compliment your eyes, but get comfortable with a natural look then get started playing around.
Peach and Neutral blushes are perfect and you can wear them with just about anything. I use totally tawny from Clinique, love it for an every day color. Use the blush brush and sweep from your lip up to hair line (not literally, just the direction) You can do this many ways, best to get to a counter and have them show you the best way to apply blush to bring out your cheek bones. I can't tell you that w/o a pic (they can also help you better apply eye shadow to compliment the shape of your eyes). When it comes to mascara, I have learned less is best. I now only wear a little bit on my upper lashes only, and will do the bottoms and use more for evening events. I used to be addicted to lipstick but now find myself loving lip glosses that wear like lipstick-Victorias Secret has some great ones called shining kisses creamy lipgloss, clinique has some great almost lipsticks and other lipglosses and I love my new Sephora super shimmer in plum. I have fair skin and dark blond or light brown hair. I have yellow undertones. Find a store like Sephora, Ulta, or any department store and have them teach you how to apply and what colors are best for your face shape, complexion etc... I am only giving suggestions and ideas I am not saying I am 100% right. But, have fun anyway! I am 27 and STILL learning!

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