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Hi Beth Ann,

If you use the serums with Emu Oil it shouldn't cause acne. I have very acne prone skin and constantly fight blemishes. I still get blemishes. CP's are an anti-aging product. You can use the Exfol Serum which is 2% salicylic acid for pimples and for exfoliation. If you're having a bad breakout increase exfol use until it clears up. The Emu Oil DOES NOT cause breakouts. I was a little scared to try it at first because I'm sooooo sensitive and break out at the drop of a hat with the wrong product. But I haven't had ANY problems with skin bio's products. Just be sure to stick with the serums not the creams and many acne prone people have found the P&R Day Cover will make them break out.

The ugly stage is when all the old damaged cells start surfacing. I looked old! My skin was saggy, dull, crepey, leathery looking yuck! It was all the sun damage I had surfacing. You'll also see sun spots rise to the surface and fade. The skin is constantly remodeling with the CP's. So even though I've gone through the ugly stage a long time ago and my skin looks really great, I recently had a small sun spot surface on my face near my ear a few weeks ago that is now fading. This is from damage done years ago and was deep and it took this time to finally surface an fade. Lactic acid peels help with too. Using exfol serum more often during the ugly stage can help slough off the damaged cells quicker. Everyone is different. It depends on how much damage you have. Some people experience little to none, some like me, go through months of it. But the end result is always nice healthy skin if you stick it out.

Many people confuse irritation from going too fast or starting too strong as breakouts but it's not. Irritation looks like little red mosquito bite-like welts. If you take it slow you won't get them. If you find you get them just take a break until they clear up and then start again more slowly.

Hope the helps

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